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Due to extreme demand, we are unable to accept new clients at this time. If you'd like to be added to our waitlist, email along with your preferred days of the week and times, the type of surgery (if any) you'll be having and whether you have a surgery date.


If you plan on submitting claims to your insurance company to cover the cost of electrolysis, let us know. We're happy to provide copies of invoices with the proper diagnosis and procedures codes and along with our provider information to assist in your filing.

Hormones have a huge impact on hair growth, of course. Once you begin hormone therapy, hair growth may slow and become more sparse and finer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t disappear entirely with hormone therapy. Electrolysis can help resolve the problem. With the latest technology in hair removal, it's faster and more comfortable than ever.

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Transgender clients should consult with their surgeon and plan the hair removal process far in advance as it's generally required before SRS. LASER hair removal may help some clients debulk unwanted hair. We can let you know if you’re a candidate for LASER hair removal and refer you to trusted LASER hair removal specialists.

Our typical M to F trans client has developed to adulthood with a male body and has typical male facial hair growth with strong, deep-rooted hair.  It may take many, many hours of electrolysis, possibly spread over years to reach the desired end result, but you're worth the time and investment. Unless otherwise instructed, we begin with the areas and individual hairs that will make the biggest impact on appearance.


While regrowth may be strong and rapid in the early stages of treatment, don’t be discouraged.  Through regular treatment, many of our trans clients find their hair regrowth similar to or less than many cis girls. Yes, even cis girls have unwanted facial hair - sometimes more difficult cases than seen in trans girls.


There is never an additional charge for electrolysis on genitalia nor for topical numbing agents. 

Financial Assistance: We offer a limited number of annual electrolysis scholarships to transgender clients facing financial difficulty. If you are seeking facial or genital electrolysis in preparation for gender affirming surgery and are unable to afford services due to unemployment, underemployment, or other financial crisis, please contact Susan at to find out how you may qualify for low cost or free services.


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