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Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal recognized by the FDA.  It works for all skin types, ethnicities, and can be safely performed on virtually any area of the body.  We use only pre-packaged, sterilized probes to ensure your health and safety.


When first starting electrolysis, you’ll likely have many questions.  Best practice is to come in for a consultation.  We’ll answer your questions and give you an opportunity to try it out before you commit to treatment.

Art by Tim Sale


Our equipment is the latest in computerized technology. This ensures the fastest and most comfortable clearing of unwanted hair available today. If you've found electrolysis too uncomfortable in the past, we invite you to come in to find out how technology has improved the experience and how quickly you can achieve success.


Temporary, localized bruising, skin “bumps", redness, swelling, inflammation, and skin dryness can be a side effect of electrolysis, even when administered by Master Aestheticians using the most advanced equipment (but it's unlikely). Please plan accordingly.

If you are transgender and plan to file claims with your insurance company, please let us know. We're happy to provide you with invoices with diagnostic and procedure codes, along with our provider information to assist you in reimbursement.


If you're ready to schedule an appointment and for pricing and time options, click over to our Menu+Booking+Forms tab.  Booking is live. You'll get a text or email confirmation, if you select that that option, as well as a reminder. If you prefer a reminder call, be sure to include the telephone number that's best to reach you. Seattle electrolysis transgender 

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